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LG Chem HV  vs   Tesla Powerwall 2


Home solar battery is a ground-breaking technology but undoubtedly has gained much popularity as compared to other alternative electricity options. Solar batteries have the ability to run your home and business with sun’s natural energy without relying on electrical power. This can bring you huge savings. The market is flooded with many reputed solar battery brands. As for now Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem are the major players in Australia due to their efficient features.

Both solar battery storage systems are manufactured by globally recognised companies and both have their own advantages. So, which to choose? At a glance, both systems look similar however we’ll help you to breakdown the turmoil by offering you comparison between both the products. If you are thinking to install solar battery at your home or office, this comparison will help you to get uninterrupted power supply.

LG Chem HV Tesla Powerwall 2
LG has come up with high-quality energy saving battery storage system called LG Chem. The demand for LG Chem has drastically increased hence it has become one of the leading lithium ion battery storages systems. The batteries help residents to get their electric needs fulfilled without relying on grids. The stored solar energy can be used during blackout, load shedding, power failure or to save electrical bill cost Tesla is a well-known brand and probably the first and foremost battery storage systems that are widely used for home backup power. The product is based on lithium ion battery technology. The stored solar energy can be used during blackout, load shedding, power failure or to save electrical bill cost
Minimal Storage
It also offers nominal storage of 10kWh It offers nominal storage of 13.2kWh x
Round Trip Efficiency
The round trip efficiency of LG Chem is around 95% This battery storage system comes with 90% of round trip efficiency
Peak Power
This storage system effectively provides peak power of 5 kW Powerwall provides a peak power of 3.3 kW
Height: 744mm Width:907mm Depth: 206mm Height: 1150mm Width: 755mm Depth: 155mm
Warranty Period
LG Chem comes with a warranty period of 10 years Tesla comes with a limited warranty of 10 years
Operating Temperature Range
The temperature ranges from 0°C to 40°C The temperature ranges from – 20°C to 40°C
Installation Expense
LG is certainly easy to install as it’s compatible with cheaper hybrid inverters. This makes the installation costs less as compared to Powerwall The installation cost of Tesla Powerwall is a more suited to retrofitting existing systems as it has an ac coupled inverter, for new systems this would require an additional inverter for solar connection and additional parts for backup mode.

Both of these reputed brands, LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall are durable and high in quality. Get electricity generated from the natural source by opting any of the favourable solutions offered by Alectric.

We have may systems available with these products as well as other batteries and technologies so no matter which system you choose, get a free quote and enjoy complete solar solutions.