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These terms and conditions contain important information about your rights and obligations as an Alectric customer.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before utilising Alectric services.

  • Premises means the site or the place where the goods have to be installed
  • Goods means the solar or electrical products or system provided to the clients
  • $ means Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • Client means the customer or the purchaser

– Agrees to sell the goods which the customer has selected to be installed or replaced in their premises subject to the agreement / contract
– Reserves the right to adjust the sale price
– Does not take the responsibility for damage of any motor vehicles or asset present in or next to premises. Make sure it is removed prior the work starts
– Will be responsible to ensure that it or its contractors hold and maintain all necessary licences and accreditations in order to install the goods at the premises
– Will use reasonable endevours to notify if the goods cannot be delivered within the estimated period
– Will charge interest, if the customer fails to make the payment which is due or payable under the agreement
– Warrants the installation will comply with all relevant Australian standards and with all relevant codes of practice, building codes, and legislative requirements in place at the time of installation
– Products are warranted by their respective manufacturers and distributors. Full details of these warranties will be provided on request, at the time of installation
– Does not assure the performance of any solar system and accepts no responsibility if the performance is lower than expected. This does not affect or reduce the manufacturers’ warranties in relation to the solar system and its components
– Shall test and commission the System after installation in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements
– Will not be responsible for loss or damage to any of the customer’s property, real or personal, or for any faults or defects in the System due to misuse or damage caused by others, including the customer

– Will ensure the premise/site is free from dangerous materials, chemicals or toxins including asbestos
– Should make sure children, visitors, pets stay away from the place of work
– Remove motor vehicles or any other asset present in the premise to prevent accidental damage when work in progress
– Warrants that all electrical services, metering and cabling at the installation site meet or exceed relevant Australian electrical regulations and are safe
– Ensures the site is fit for normal installation by Alectric
– Will pay Alectric the sale price as per the payment schedule
– Should carefully and accurately complete all the documentation related to the supply and/ or installion of goods
– The customer/client grants permission to Alectric and its employees, contractors and/or agents to enter the premises where the goods are proposed to be installed and commissioned at any reasonable time during business hours provided that Alectric has given notice of the site inspection prior to the date of the site inspection
– Agrees to ensure that the customer or representative of the customer is present on site at the time of inspection/ installation or any work associated with Alectric

  • The components or the equipments warranted are according to the manufacturer’s warranties. The warranties are provided by the manufacturer which can be found in the official documents
  • Warranty conditions of the products or equipments like solar PV modules, inverter, solar panels are different from supplier to supplier
  • Labour charges will be applicable for replacing faulty parts/ products during the warranty period
  • Alectric does not guarantee the level of performance of any solar system as the performance primarily depends upon the climatic conditions, roof orientation, building structure and other such local factors
  • Alectric reserves the right to determine the type of defect and the cause of failure
  • Alectric will not perform repair or replace goods/products/components, if the damage is due to
    – Accidental cause, carelessness, theft, fire, rush of water, electrical breakdown
    – Faults in the equipment from the buyer
    – Repair, modification and replacement, performed by client or any other authorised service provider
    – Electrical fluctuations, temperature changes, humidity, dust
  • The information / details collected by Alectric may comprise of your personal information
  • The information collected by Alectric is solely for business purpose
  • Information collected by Alectric from the customer/client will be provided to its employees, contractors and installers only to perform their duty efficiently
  • Apart from above mentioned parties, your personal information will not be shared with any third party without your permission
  • Alectric will not sell your personal information under any circumstances

By accepting to submit your personal information, you accept and agree to the practices described in the statement and also ensure the information provided by you is true, accurate and complete