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Stand Alone Solar

stand alone solar

Stand Alone Solar is totally different from electric utility grid.  It is suitable for rural installations where electricity is not available or when the cost of supplying grid power out ways the cost of a standalone system. You don’t have to pay power again. It is predicted that if the battery price falls,  Stand alone systems will be in more demand.

Alectric is capable of designing and installing perfect stand alone solar system in Adelaide that cater to our needs.

Alectric offers stand alone solar power systems for:

  • Remote / rural areas
  • Medical facility providers in rural localities
  • Irrigation pumping
  • Railway signals, street lights
  • Homes & private offices and anywhere where constant reliable power supply is needed

It’s not wise to compromise when you are electrically self-reliant! When it comes to batteries, inverters, solar panels and wind turbines, there is a world of difference out there. We source only the very best components.

The most common issues we see with inferior standalone power systems include poor sizing, mismatched equipment and unsafe/non-compliant design. The result is frustratingly insufficient or unreliable electricity, and a costly short service life. Our expert technicians will spend time with you ensuring these pitfalls are avoided – helping you to understand your energy needs and to choose the right equipment.

Our battery management systems are unparalleled. Many other standalone systems have a simplistic and crude method of assessing a battery banks’ status, resulting in poor battery maintenance regimes, battery abuse and compromised service life. Our battery inverter systems have pinpoint accuracy, ensuring the batteries receive the right attention at the right time, equating to longer service life. Best of all, this complex hard work happens automatically!