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Solar Battery Storage Adelaide

solar battery storage system

So you already have a solar system? It’s commendable that you are doing your bit to make positive impact on the environment. Solar systems also benefit you by cutting down heavy electricity bills. But now the question arises that are you able to utilise the energy generated from the sun to the fullest? Can you use the solar energy 24 hours, all year around? Certainly, you can take the advantage of solar energy even after the sun is down with the help of powerful solar battery storage systems. Residential spaces with solar system should aim to store maximum electricity produced during daytime and that’s indeed possible with superior quality battery storage system.

Not new but solar battery storage is an evolving technology that has become gradually attractive choice for homes and businesses in Adelaide. This system is designed to efficiently store the excess energy generated from the sun when it’s shining bright. The stored energy can be used anytime later, when you need the most. You can access electricity even during blackouts.

  • Self-consumption of solar power is maximized due to battery systems. You can use the energy yourself whenever you want, without any hurdle.
  • You can use stored electricity in times of emergency like during night hours, power cuts or on a cloudy day.
  • It helps you to upgrade existing solar system.
  • Without any doubt, it aids you to save on electricity as well as money in long run.
  • Solar battery storage systems considerably reduce the grid cost.
  • Storage system is a feasible option as you can go off the grid and completely power your home.

Solar battery storage systems that capture maximum energy generated from the sun, is now available at Alectric.

Whether you want to fix it to the existing solar system or to the new one, our electricians offer efficient installation of solar battery storage system in Adelaide. Battery storage systems of globally recognised brands and of varying range of storage capacities are available. You can choose as per your needs and budget.

Some of the leading brands like Tesla Powerwall, Samsung and LG Chem solar battery system installation are offered by Alectric electricians in Adelaide.