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Solar and Battery Installers Adelaide

solar and battery installers adelaide

Get ultimate benefits of the solar power by installing best solar and battery systems in Adelaide.

Make the best use of natural source of energy. Alectric has been installing solar battery systems in residential spaces for years. Since homeowners in Adelaide find solar batteries affordable and practical choice, there is an upswing demand.  Solar battery storage helps you to use the solar energy even when there is no sun. Till date, our agency has installed various types of solar batteries in various locations of Adelaide. We offer some of the leading brands at exceptional price to meet the rising demands.

Alectric experts have hands-on experience in installing the leading Tesla Powerwall battery systems. Currently we are also offering installation of different brands like LG Chem and Samsung.

One brand that has become a revolutionary name in home battery systems is Tesla Powerwall. This product offers powerpack performance by maximising the utility of solar panel to generate electricity. Tesla Powerwall comes with world-class features and makes it a safe and economical choice. Also due to its ‘no maintenance’ advantage, it is a popular choice among the residents in Australia.

There is no more need to face the tension of power-cuts during power outages as Tesla Powerwall home battery system will provide you with efficient power backup.

One of the best and most trusted solar and battery installers of Adelaide – Alectric is extending its elite services to commercial customers:

  • If your business operates during sunlight hours, solar is perfect for you. It drastically cuts down your daytime electricity bill
  • Battery ready systems, ready for you
  • Full monitoring available. Perform check of your power usage and solar production to minimise the power consumed from the grid
  • Short payback period assures you best investment for your money
  • No compromise on quality! Alectric offer high quality solar and battery installation services

Benefits of SolarEdge Systems:

  • More modules results in more return on investment
  • Equipped with SafeDC feature which ensures safety system
  • Flexible module design is future-proof and benefit customers with minimum operating and maintenance costs
  • Assured with more uptime – Even if a module/optimiser fails, rest of the system is still producing power
  • Longer warranty periods – Warranty extension available up to 20 – 25 years
  • Higher yielding system – optimisers have a voltage window of 8-60v, so it has the capability to capture more energy even in north unshaded systems due to the extra pick of power early in the morning and late at night. Plus it’s a wider window than a micro and as optimisers are connected to each other they can boot up to cater to power losses across modules on the array to keep the inverter at the fixed string for more efficient system.

In comparison to all other inverter brands, SolarEdge ranks 2nd, globally (shipments & revenue) and holds 1st position in America (residential market). Over 12 million optimisers have been shipped, till date. It’s certainly a profitable business and profitable to customers too.

If you too want to make the most of solar energy, get solar battery installed, NOW! Swing by our local office and get instant assistance from our support team.