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This is the short list of most common questions asked by customers related to electrical services.

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The best way to find out if your electrical installation is safe is to have it inspected and tested by Alectric. If you have an old house with no or very little electrical work done to it, it is most likely in need of an upgrade to make it safe.

This could mean one of two things:

  • An intermittent chirp is probably an indication of a defective smoke detector.
  • A consistent chirp is probably an indication of a low battery condition and the smoke detector requires a new battery.

This is usually caused by several factors:

  • Use of cheap bulbs
  • Larger wattage bulbs, which cause excessive heat build-up shorting the life of the bulb
  • Power Surges

No. Surge/Lightning protection only offers additional levels of protection. Nothing can guarantee completely against Mother Nature and where she chooses to strike.

Yes. Though, if the two loads exceed 16amps, your breaker will sense overload, do its job, and trip off. Under this condition, you must plug one of the appliances into a different kitchen outlet on a different circuit, in order to balance the load.

Yes. But only with special fittings and dimmers.

Air conditioning may cause a noticeable slight dimming on start up. Lights may flicker or dim due to the start up of some appliances or motor driven equipment. Check with SA power networks for possible defects in supply.

  • All devices, either breaker or fuse, are designed to trip (turn off) in the event of an electrical overload, i.e. 20Amps of electrical load on a 16Amp circuit would cause a trip. The only difference is that a breaker is mechanical and may be reset. Whereas, a fuse is one time only and must be replaced.
  • Safety switches also sense earth leakage which means, if the return path to earth is broken, i.e. going through you, it will cause the circuit to trip under 0.03 seconds saving your life.