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Energy Saving Hints and Tips

Save money by saving energy. If you are facing any of the below problems, we have ideal solution for it.

  • RCD is short for Residual Current Device also known as a safety switch. This is another name for a safety switch. The RCD protects your life and the circuit breaker protects the cable.
  • Try and work out what appliance you turned on that made the RCD trip. If it doesn’t reset then call Alectric. If it does then plug in and turn on one appliance at a time until it trips again and the last item you plugged and turned on is faulty.
  • The power cable in your walls is 2.5mm this is protected by a 16 or 20 amp circuit breaker, the cable on most power boards is only 0.75mm. This is a BIG safety hazard if you have too much load plugged into a power board the cable heats up and can cause house fires. Try and work out how many watts the appliance uses eg:
  • 800watts divided by 240 volts = 3.33amps
  • 0.75mm cable can only handle around 6 Amps for extension leads
  • The only way to be sure that you are safe is if you buy a heavy duty power board with 2.5mm cable feeding it. Then you know the power board has the same rating of the cables in the wall 16 – 20 amps

Heat that comes from lights is wasted electricity. If you have halogen downlights in your house and they are very hot to stand under they are costing you $$$. You can replace these lights with LED down lights and save a fortune. Spot lights in your back yard are usually 150watts you can change these to 22w fluoro.

If you have a 2 storey house and cannot get access into the ceiling space downstairs there is an easy solution. They now have a wireless transmitter and receiver to make a light a fan/light combination. Alectric can come around and install your new fan with this device.

If you have a switch for a light and it’s in a silly location Alectric can help you with a few options. We can either move the switch, install 2 way switching, make the light a sensor light or as with the fan/light combination use a wireless switch.

When fans are packaged in boxed they lay sideways letting the grease move to one side. When you first install a fan it is good practice to put it on high for up to 16 hours, let the grease heat up and spread around evenly. If your fan is old and squeaks you can try a balancing kit. Usually, trying to fix a fan costs more than a new one so before it drives you up the wall give Alectric a call and we can give you many fans to choose from.

  • Sometimes you will get a little surge back through the neutral which causes your fluoro light to flicker. The little starter in the fluoro tries to light the gas
  • The easiest method to fix this is by replacing the fluoro globe and starter, or replacing the fitting with a new LED light fitting
  • Sensor lights have varying ranges. The most expensive sensors usually have a range of up to 30m. If your sensor is in direct sunlight it will more than likely already be damaged. The lifespan of a sensor in direct sunlight is greatly reduced. When a licenced electrician installs a sensor they should always try and install it in a covered area.
  • If you want to test the sensor during the day there are a few adjustments on the unit. These are “Daytime-Night time, Length of time and some have a sensitivity adjustment.

Switches only last so long. After many years the contact in them wears out and the crackling you hear is arcing. This is a potential fire hazard. Alectric can help you with replacement of the switch to solve this problem.

When conduit is run up a wall in a grassed area it must by law have mechanical protection from mowers, whipper snippers etc.

  • Do not assume because your house looks new it has an RCD on the lights. By law all new homes must have an RCD on the lights and power. In older homes even if they have been renovated they may not have an RCD on the light circuit.
  • If you do not have an RCD on the light circuit in your home you can increase your safety by turning off your circuit breaker when changing light globes. In the long term though it is highly recommended to have one installed by Alectric.

If your house has fuses there is no guarantee that the fuse wire in the old fuses is even correct for the cable it should be protecting. At Alectric we recommend a switchboard upgrade to bring it up to standards and help protect your family.

  • All homes should have a mains powered smoke alarm between their kitchen and all bedrooms. If you have a two storey house you must have them on each level. If your kitchen is located in the centre of your house and you have bedrooms to the front and rear you must have them installed between the kitchen and the front bedroom and the kitchen and the rear bedroom.

If you have any other questions you would like answered please email Alectric.