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Domestic Ceiling Fans

domestic ceiling fan

Alectric can supply and install ceiling sweep fans or install ceiling fans purchased and supplied by you.

Selecting the right ceiling fan isn’t just about choosing the right color and style. There are some key elements that you must carefully consider in your decision in order to get the maximum energy efficiency and usage from your fan. Choosing the best fan for your needs can dramatically create wind chill in a room when in use and improve the feel of the rooms temperate by 2-8 degrees

Ceiling fans help the air flow in the room, therefore using your own body’s natural cooling system. Fans combined with air conditioning are also a great way to save money on your air-conditioning bills. When using your ceiling fan with the air conditioning operating, you can set the temperature of the thermostat on the air conditioning unit to a higher temperature reducing the energy being consumed, while still maintaining the same level of comfort. Now that has to be good for the environment!

The average ceiling fan costs less than 1 cent per hour to run. (Refer to specific model specification) ceiling fans will save you money all year round in cooling & heating energy bills. Ceiling fans are commonly used in new buildings to achieve the ‘6 Star’ energy rating required by the government. The installation of ceiling fans also means better value and star rating on resale of your property.