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DC Solar Pump Benefits

DC solar pump is a general water pump that uses the resourceful solar energy for generating power. Since these pumps are economical, energy-efficient and environment-friendly, it has become popular choice for irrigation and landscaping purpose.

  • Natural and reliable water pumping alternative to hand pumps, generators and wind mills
  • Solar power is clean and doesn’t pollute the air or groundwater like gas-powered pumps
  • Requires very little maintenance and have a long life
  • It never runs out of fuel as it runs on natural source. As long as sun shines, the pump functions
  • Cuts down the heavy electricity bills
  • Inexpensive acquisition and easy in installation
  • DC solar pumps come with controller which easily manages the speed. Speed can be adjusted as per your requirement
  • The pump makes very little noise without creating major disturbance in your daily routine work
  • DC pumps are portable. You can transport it to any location and fully utilise it