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Commercial Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is the leading non-destructive testing tool used in electrical switchboard maintenance and switchgear maintenance. It is an excellent fire prevention tool used to identify ‘hot joints’ invisible to the human eye. It is an essential part of every commercial and industrial business’s preventative maintenance plan. A detailed report specifying irregularities found is provided, including the image(s) as recorded.

Cost savings are made if the procedure is used as part of a regular preventative maintenance program.  Unexpected breakdowns in all types of plant can be prevented well in advance of their becoming apparent.   Repairs and/or maintenance can then be scheduled as required.

Using infrared Thermography as a diagnostic tool is a condition monitoring technique that measures the radiant heat pattern emitted from a body, such as building structures or plant & equipment. This technique will generally determine the regions or points of increased or reduced heat emissions, which can indicate the presence of a fault.

  • Identify potential equipment/component failure or irregularities in loading
  • Prevent fire/explosion
  • Check component integrity
  • Determine loading condition of equipment
  • The visual inspection of each switchboard will help determine its condition: i.e. broken door hinges, excessive heat, build up of dust/dirt, vermin proof, unsafe condition or discoloration of components, condition of legend, clear local access area, etc.