Solar Credits

Solar Credits provide additional support to households, businesses and community groups that install small renewable energy generation units, such as rooftop solar panels, and small-scale wind and hydro electricity systems.
Solar Credits apply to the first 1.5 kilowatts (kW) of capacity installed for systems connected to a main electricity grid and up to the first 10 kW of capacity for single phase / 30kW for three phase off-grid systems.
Solar Credits work by multiplying the number of certificates that these systems would generally be eligible to create under the standard deeming arrangements. The level of support in terms of the number of certificates received via Solar Credits will be determined by the date the system is installed. The current multiplier that applies for eligible system installations is five. The Solar Credits multiplier reduces over time, reflecting reductions in technology costs and the role that a carbon price is expected to play in investment in renewable energy over the longer term.
The Government has recently announced changes to the Solar Credits multiplier which will apply from 1 July 2011. The schedule of multipliers which determines the additional certificates an eligible small generation unit could create is outlined in the following table.
09/06/2009 -
01/07/2011 -
01/07/2012 -
01/07/2013 -
Multiplier 5 4 3 2 1

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Feed in Tariff

If you are a ‘small electricity customer' in South Australia - that is a household, small business, community building, church or other facility that consumes less than 160 MWh of electricity per annum (as a guide) - and have installed or intend to install, a solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity system on your premises, you are able to receive a premium price for any excess electricity you return to the electricity grid.
The scheme rewards customers whenever they generate more electricity than they are using - NOT just the balance at the end of the month or quarter, but whenever generation exceeds consumption during the day.
You will need a meter that separately records the electricity you return to the grid so that, even if it is only for a second, the meter will keep track of any electricity you return. When the meter reader comes around at the end of the month or end of the quarter, the total amount of electricity you have returned and the total amount you have consumed will be read and passed onto your electricity retailer.
Under the feed-in scheme, your electricity retailer will credit you with 44 cents for every kilowatt hour of electricity you return to the grid from your solar system (as read by the meter reader). In recent announcements, Premier and Minister for Sustainability and Climate Change, Mike Rann, announced the State Government intends introducing legislation to increase the bonus to 54 cents per kilowatt hour. In addition, most electivity retailers also provide an additional credit for excess electricity fed into the grid. This is typically a minimum of 6c for every kilowatt hour.

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Referral Cash Back

The team at Alectric pride themselves with providing quality, value for money solar power systems, and excellent customer service. We want you the customer to be 100% happy with your Alectric solar power system and to refer Alectric to your friends. We appreciate and value your support in spreading the word about Alectric. In addition to providing you with a quality solar power system and the best customer service, we also offer cash back for every successful referral made by each of our existing customers.
Customers who purchase a solar power system from Alectric are automatically eligible for cash back referrals. By simply recommending Alectric to your family and friends, you will be rewarded with cash back for every successful referral sent to Alectric*.

There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer to Alectric.

Referring someone to Alectric is simple. All you need to do is:

    1. Send Alectric an email containing the following details :

Your Details Person Referred Details
Name Name
Email Email
Phone Phone
Address Address

    2. Tell your friends and family about your Alectric solar power system.

    3. Once the person you referred has purchased an Alectric Solar power system, we will contact you to confirm your cash back.

Cash Back Form

Terms and Conditions

*Terms and Conditions: You are encouraged to refer a friend to Alectric at any time after having paid a deposit for your solar power system. In order for you to receive your cash back reward, both you and the person referred must have purchased, paid in full, and installed a solar power system from Alectric. The referred person must have purchased a solar power system from Alectric on or after the date of your deposit or full payment for your solar power system. Your name & spelling must match those on your original customer invoice to allow us to verify your details. The referral cash back comes in the form of a single payment for each solar power system sold, delivered within 30 days from confirmation of your referred person’s solar power system installation and receiving of their payment in full. You must provide details of the person you refer, including phone number, in order for Alectric to verify their identity. Alectric reserves the right to make changes to the Referral Cash back program at any stage without notice.

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