The future of solar energy is as bright as sun. Let’s utilise it to the fullest


Committed to deliver safe, reliable and superior electrical services


Enjoy indoor winter and indoor warmness with first-rate air conditioning services


Money-saver, environment-saver and power-saver solar pump options

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Alectric - Electrical & Solar

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Alectric is leading the way as one of South Australia’s most reputable electrical and solar specialists. Backed by 10 years’ industry experience, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and exceptional service – at the price you’ve been looking for.


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Harness the power of the sun. Solar power is the clean energy choice that puts you in control, saving you thousands on power bills.

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Air conditioning for home or commercial space, we provide all kind of hot and cool air conditioning services and ensure the space remains pleasant all seasons.

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Workmanship you can trust at the right price. Alectric guarantees quality work, excellent service and a job well done, every time.

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Feeling the pinch of soaring costs in agriculture business? Alectric offers eco-friendly DC solar pumps  to slim down electricity bills and power consumption.

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  • "Alan has been doing general electrical work for me for the past 2-3 years after installing solar panels at my home. I found at the time his advice was sound and professional and I have been very pleased with the outcome. Since then I have had the occasional “emergency”( one just recently) and Alan’s response to my call was quick and efficient. His fees are very reasonable and I would recommend him for a variety of electrical work."

    Denise WatkinsAdelaide
  • "Alan Sperling from Alectric is a tradesman you can actually trust. Alan has done multiple jobs on my home and rental property. He is honest, reliable and does quality work at a fair price. I have no hesitation in recommending Alan to family, friends and work colleagues; and when his services are employed I hear nothing but positive feedback."

    Darren BillettAdelaide
  • "Alan is an extremely reliable electrician who works quickly and very efficiently. He does what you request and is also helpful with product sourcing."

    Richard MoserDDS Diamonds

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